Cheeks Away Please

I blame Rihanna for starting the trend.  I blame Topshop for making them too small.  I blame the lack of parenting in the UK. I also blame society (if I can) for the diminishing standard of what it means to be a lady.

I am talking about the trend of the short short denim shorts.  

I am not certain whether other countries are too suffering from this problem, but it seems like us Brits have no shame in walking around with our cheeks hanging out.  What's more of a worry is the average age of these escaping bottoms.  These are young bottoms; young girls.  At my unworldly age of twenty-one, I even feel like going up to these teens and warning them of what message they are giving off. Regardless of the size you are, these shorts never say lady.  They never say 'hello world, I respect myself and my body.' They certainly do not say 'hello good-looking young man, I am the kind of girl who you can take me on a nice date and to meet the parents.' 

After talking to my male friends, it seems that they agree.  My male friends also brought up the gruelling factor of the size of the girls that are generally choosing to wear this "trend".  One unnamed man even suggested that Topshop should not have made the shorts past a size 8. Harsh, I know!  

Yes, Rih-Rih does look great in her latest short shorts shoot with Terry Richardson (above).  She does have a lovely (albeit airbrushed) toned bottom. It has to be said a cracking figure always helps the way clothes look.  Regardless, I stand by my view that even Rihanna is sending out the wrong message.  Here she is selling S.E.X. That is fine- but she is a pop-star!  So to any young girls out there trying to pull off this dirty denim look, I think that for the rest of society can you answer this;

Are your cheeks hanging out of your shorts? 

If the answer is yes; beware! not only may you get creepy men leering at you, but you may subconsciously (and perhaps unfairly) get the label 'slut' attached to you.