Zara arrives in Cape Town

Although I am an English girl through and through, I do spend a lot of time in Cape Town, South Africa.  As shallow as it seems, one of the things I miss when I am over in South Africa is the British high street. 

South Africa does not fulfil my sartorial needs.  Yes it does have that beautiful shop Country Road, but although their clothes are gorgeous, fashionable and well-made, they are not student friendly prices. Moving on from Country Road there are the cute boutiques on Long Street, and the random 'vintage' shop lurking around the Biscuit Mill and Woodstock, but again these shops too carry the hefty price tag, and often lack in quality.  What is a fashion obsessed student meant to do?

Although writing this blog post from Sunny England now, I could not be more excited to visit Cape Town again as ZARA has made its way over from Europe.  As one of my favourite high-street shops, I cannot wait to forage my way through the rails of well- cut blazers, cute blouses and studded shirts.  I wonder if they have the same stock as us Brits?  I have done the naughty thing and 'borrowed' these images from the gorgeous South African Blog "I Want That". The only thing I fear is that due to the ridiculous import duties in South Africa (and probably the demand for the latest gear), the student friendly prices over here may not have made it over the seas. I'll keep my fingers crossed on that one.