Stylish Shmaity

Yesterday I went for Coffee with my fashion- au - fait friend Cait- who is known by me as shmaity.  Caitie- Shmaity you can get the connection right?  Cait and I both lived together in our last year of uni.  Throughout this year we gave each other style advice,  dribbled over expenses clothes in Elle and Vogue and discussed what looks we love and hate.  Even though we both love fashion, we have different styles- what we like to wear and what suits us.  Every time I see Cait I admire her style.

Dungeree's have been on the top of Cait's clothes wish list for quite some time now.  We have ogled over pictures of Alexa Chung and quirky wearing them.  Being quite the alternative choice of clothing, finding a pair of dungeree's that fit the bill has been quite a challenge... until now.  On her recent trip to London to a vintage shop called Rocket, Cait struck gold.

Paired with a circular peter-pan cotton-reel printed blouse- rolled up at the sleeves, a leather black scrunchy, navy Longchamp bag, and black platform brogues, I think you can agree the girl knows how to dress.  Watch this space- Shmaity's ambition is headed for the fashion world.

P.S. Apologies for the unappealing backdrop of bins and stacks of rubbish.  Let's just pretend it's arty and alternative.