My Stylish Friend...

Today I went for Lunch and coffee with my friend Geneva. Geneva is one of my friends who I always get fashion envy from every time we meet up.  She knows how to dress.  Moreover, G is always wearing the latest.  Not to mention, she has long legs that could (dare I say) rival Elle McPherson- always helps.  On this 21 degree slightly windy day in the South of England, I met Geneva outside our lunch destination- Yo Sushi.

Black leggings with silver and gold triangle studs down the outside leg; a grey simple tank layered over an equally simple white one; a floaty purple and green floral chiffon jacket. The whole ensemble was beautiful, but what always gets me even more flustered with sartorial envy with Geneva is her attention to detail.

Being a graphic design student from Leeds University who has recently completed a year in industry working with some of London's coolest PR, design and production firms, Geneva has had the chance of checking out the latest trends and wearing them too!  Last time it was WAH nails.  This time it was the subtle but oh-so-modish thin feather and colour strip hair pieces. Attached to her already dip-dyed hair, Geneva was sporting two of these hair pieces.  The feather being a similar colour to her head of hair, clashed suitably to the turquoise/ pink strips of hair that lay next to it.  I can hear you think 'sounds ghastly!', but just check out the photo- G was rocking this hair.

In addition, my attention landed on her long nails: painted gold with black hearts on top.  Thinking these were transfers I immediately asked her where she got them from or where to get them done; oh yes she did them herself. See! I told you she was cool! Apparently it is easy with one of these nail pens.

To check out Geneva's blog click here.  Her taste in design and her work really is on the money.