Whistles Limited Edition

Here is a sneak preview of Whistles limited edition. The collection is due to arrive online on the 28th of August and in the selected South Molton Street London Shop floor on the 6th of September for Vogue's notorious Fashion Night Out.  

So what are my thoughts on the latest collection?  Well I like it, but I don't L.O.V.E.-oh-my-god-I've-got-to-get-my-hands-on-that-skirt- love it. Sure, the pieces are designed and cut simply making them easy to wear and quite apt for most occasions:- Like the grey tracksuit top seen in picture 2 and 3- its versatile and can be dressed up or down.  I just feel the collection is falling short in the colour scheme: it's dull, depressing and boring.  We all know that winter is fast approaching and that darker colours are inevitably worn in these colder months, but Whistles has stuck with the traditional and uninspiring.   For me the only two sneak-preview pieces which point to this a/w 2012 season specifically are the metallic peplem-skirt dress (picture six), and the green printed pencil skirt (picture five); they fit brief for the in-control-Whistles-woman.  This said, I still can't help but wonder why such dull hues?  This a/w has embraced winter florals from Dior and psychedelic prints from Prada for goodness sake! Where is the dare?

I guess I am trying to say that Whistles has played it safe for their limited edition collection. Fingers crossed the rest of the collection can top this sneak preview. To twist the saying: 'lets not judge a book by its first few pages.'