Jamie's Charity Chairs

The food industry has yet again collaborated with the fashion- and this time it is for charity! What better a combination you ask? Designers, cooks and do-gooder's! There isn't really.

The world renowned Brit 'Naked Chef' Jamie Oliver has asked some of the most notorious British Designers to design a chair in order to raise money for his charity 'The Better Food Foundation'.  Sarah Burton (head designer at Alexander McQueen), Paul Smith, Christopher Bailey (head designer at Burberry), Julien MacDonald and other such star studded cloth cutters are amongst the talents that have been asked to take part in this initiative.  It has been said that six of the chairs are to be won in a lottery, whilst the others will be auctioned off.

The charity initiative coincidentally falls on the tenth birthday of Jamie's Italien restaurant chain and the fifteenth anniversary of Jamie's apprenticeship programme which helps young underprivileged aspiring chefs to get stuck into the world of food.

I'm starting to look at my own office chair and realise its inadequacy against these stylish bottom resters.  Perhaps I will bid!  I would definitely choose Sarah Burton's design over Julien McDonald's. Who wants a fork poking your derrière?  These chairs are like clothes; there is no point in buying if you cannot use it or it is uncomfortable. One lilac McQueen one please then!?

Hat's off to you Jamie! You've got my support!

Jamie's own chair!

Cath Kidston

Christopher Bailey for Burberry

Julien McDonald

Mathew Williamson

Paul Smith

Quentin Blake (illustrator)

Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen