Martha A La Mode

My younger brother of 17 (Harry) decided to spend some time at home recently.  But doesn't he live at home you ask? Well not this 17 year old.  My brother is one of those boys who takes great pride and pleasure in his extremely busy social life.  For example,  the past two days Harry has been pretty much house hopping in London catching the festivities that are The Notting Hill Carnival Festival.  It is fair to say this young chappie lives the life. 

Harry decided to come home last weekend. I suspect it was because a) there were no major social occasions that he was missing out on and/ or b) because he has no money left.  During these few days at home, Harry invited his girlfriend Martha over.  

Martha got style.

Martha is one of those young girls who makes fashion look easy.  I think her exceptional figure has something to do with it but I can safely say Martha has cracked the code to casual cool.  

On this day Martha wore a slouchie bucket bag which her sister bought her on her travels.  For me, it is this bag that makes the outfit stand out.  It is different.  It tells a story.  It brings some thing exotic to the casual attire.  -Not to mention it looks pretty damn practical.  These slouch bucket bags hold an awful lot in them!  If you are not going on holiday to the East anytime soon where these bags derive from, either head down to Camden Market where they will be selling something similar, or tap onto Ebay. 

Martha wore white Converse.  You just can't really go wrong with Converse.  They are like the ugg of our (now) time.  Comfy and look good with nearly everything. Like Ugg boots,  Converse are definitely a look. 

Martha's hands. If only her light turquoise nail polish wasn't chipped! Let's ignore that and ogle her rings!!

Martha's cheeky, hidden and totally tasteful tattoo. 

So all in all, Martha dresses well.  But it has to be said, I wouldn't really care what she was wearing. Martha is a very cool cat.  Even if she was wearing a matching Playboy tracksuit, it wouldn't detract from the fact that she is extremely easy to chat to and have a giggle with.  Harry, I approve! X