Style Mint- The Classic Boyfriend Style

StyleMint just got (more) style.  They have shown us their way to do the simple, classic, modern and chic way to out-wear your boyfriend. In design collaboration with the notoriously voguish Olsen twins, it is no wonder that this t-shirt line is all about the simple, done right.  Style Mint has always placed an emphasise on the way clothing is cut.  Just by looking at the Olsen's style and their own collections The Row and Elizabeth and James, we can see why.
NB It goes for all "looks"- ALWAYS spend money on the accessories. For this particular outfit, the main piece you should upgrade is the jacket! From the type of fabric used changing the way a jacket sits on the body, to the cut of a jacket, to the quality of the lining used inside (cheap synthetic fibres will make you a sweaty betty) a decent jacket is the best accessory. One can always tell "The Kooples" from a "Primarni" jobby.- Trust me.