A Stylish Mother

My mum is one of the reasons why I get excited to dress myself in the morning.  My mum (unlike most fashion magazines) has always taught me to wear what you feel most comfortable in.  Being a personal stylist and colour consultant herself, it is fair to say I have learnt more from my mother than how to work the washing machine.  My mum is a hero.

On Wednesday, it was my grandma's birthday.  To celebrate, we took her out for lunch at Wentworth Golf club. Smart attire is a must at Golf clubs!  My mum's outfit on Wednesday is a prime example of how effortlessly stylish she is.

Dress: Sandro
Bag: Anya Hindmarch
Sunglasses: Persol

Detail of the exquisitely made Sandro dress.

One of my favourite bags Anya Hindmarch has designed.  It takes the mic out of the current financial crisis and a women's obsession with handbags. 

Here mum is living by her golden rule of never wear more than three colours: She has tied the beige handles of her bag with her shoes; similarly with the flash of red on the shoes, on the Anya bag and on her nails. Little details really add to the whole impact of an outfit. . . 

A stylish mother don't cha think?