Im in Valencia

The famous extraordinary Science museum building in Valencia.

The town hall in the city centre.

Yesterday morning I jetted off to Valencia in order to help my twin sister move into her flat as she is living there for a year on her 'year abroad' at university.  Here she will be living and breathing Spanish whilst she studies her business and economics degree at Valencia university.  The city of Valencia is absolutely gorgeous!  A real authentic experience of Spain.  The architecture is a real mix of extreme modernism (see picture above of the Science Museum) and Old Spanish buildings with terraces, big doors and large shuttered windows (I will share photos when I get an opp). 

Today's attire!

Top: Old Khaki
Skirt: American Apparel
Laundry Bag in the background ;) : Cath Kidston

Excuse me now while I skip off to explore the city a little bit more! 
Have a good day!