Valencia Fashion 'Week': Rarha Beach Couture

So as you know from my previous post 'Im in Valencia', I have been exploring the delights of the modern-come-authentic Spanish city. Because Laura is doing her Erasmus year living in Valencia, getting to know the city and making new friends was on the itinerary.  Thanks to Laura's lovely new acquainted friend Amanda, we found out about Valencia Fashion Week.  Naturally as a fashion fanatic and a sucker for an opportunity to dress up a little, Laura, Amanda and I decided to find our way to the free catwalk show on the second night of the three day Fashion 'Week' extravaganza (13th- 15th September).

The Fashion show was a swimwear collection by Rarha beach couture

Above are the two designers of the collection and an illustration of one fo their designs.

The fashion show took place on 'Agora's Lake'- outside the uber- modern Agora building.  The runway had beed built in a semi circle from either end of the famous Agora building, lit up by lights skirting the runway and the water.  In the middle and behind the semi circle catwalk was a large screen set up, which videoed the promotional video and the catwalk as it happened (see images).  The audience was facing the building, lake and catwalk with stone tiered steps which people sat on.  They had built two mini stages on the front of the steps for the VIPs.

Me behind the steps of the people with the screen in the background and the steps that people were sta on just visible.  The line of light cross the water was the runway.

What I wore:
Top: Zara
Bag: Shop in Valencia
Peach denim shorts: Topshop
Watch: Longines 
Shoes: KG pumps

Laura and Amanda

What Laura wore: 
Black sheer blouse: Zara
Bralette: U/O
Shorts: Zara TRF
Shoes: Kenyan street shop

What Amanda wore:
Skirt: Topshop

The catwalk.

So what about the collection ?!  Isn't that the whole idea of reporting about a fashion show?

Apologies for the shockingly bad iphone pictures.  It seems the phone doesn't cope well with long distance with little light.  For that reason it is hard for you to see what the collection is actually like- and they havent yet posted pictures online of the catwalk. 

The collection was oh so sexy!! It reminded me of seriously glamorous 50/ 60's swim-wear.  The garments were very fitted and not too risque in terms of how much flesh was on show.  What made the costumes so glam was the shiny fabric used to create the pieces, the neutral and black colour palette, and the sheer and diamond fastenings used to jazz up the black high waisted bikini. Hair was extremely big and bouffant (like Bridgette Bardot in the 60s) with soft curls flowing down the back.  Make up was sensual and sun-kissed- a light smokey eye and enhanced features achieved by bronzer, eyebrow colour and mascara.  The jewelry was non-existent except for large earrings hiding behind the swish of hair.  The shoes were black and strappy.  I think my favourite piece was the simple high-waisted black bandeau bikini with the a sparkly jewelled broach fastened on the left side of the hip. 

To get an idea of the look of the collection see the two promotional images below.  

This image above was the closing look.  Although I think it is stunning and the neutral colour scheme fits well, I cant help but point out that that necklace is a bit random and doesnt really fit with the rest of the large bling that was displayed on or with the other garments. Hey-ho, fashion designers like to leave a lasting impression!  Rarha certainly impressed me!