Holmes & Yang

Katie Holmes has collaborated with Jeanne Yang for her first go at designing a collection of clothes.  The ready-to-wear collection was launched in New York Fashion week on Tuesday 11th of Sept and I have to say I am liking the collection.  Katie Holmes has, for a while now, been admired for her easy day-to-day casual look.  It is evident here that her natural sense of style has been moulded into a sexy and easy-going but chic collection of garments with Yangs help.  According to Vogue.com the two designers were at their showcase (see the final picture), but did not give any press releases as to their thought process when creating the clothes.  Here is a sneak peak of some of the looks.  As for how to grab your mit on the items, Mr Google will have to help you out on that one- im not sure about how it will be retailed. So for now, happy browsing! 

Leather bomber with satin wide leg trouser

This look has to be my favourite look overall. I love the simplicity of the outfit, but also the thoughtfulness of it too.  The shoes elongate the legs because of the skin colour making it no big deal that they are not heels. The jacket makes the outfit pop with its expensive looking fabric and proper tailoring, but it also ties in with the detail on the top.  The oversized satchel points to a classy but all important modern business woman.  Whoever said women should stick to wearing black and a trouser suit in the office was seriously wrong. 

Black satin jumpsuit with purple caridgan

Front buttoned black maxi drape dress. 

Green maxi splays out

'Green' 3/4 length coat stands out against black satin cigarette pants

Bright red shorts contrast the skin coloured beige tailored jacket

Strapless grey above the knee dress

Sexy black satin dress with pale detailing

Grey tuxedo short suit with black fastenings

Cream dress with red detailing. 

high waisted a-line black skirt with white strappy top. 

The designers themselves: Katie holmes and Jeanne Yang wearing black black and black!  Could have been more adventurous couldn't you?