Style File: Gus

This is Gus. 

Gus is my sister's special man friend.  As well as being a top guy, Gus is cool.  He pointed out that he is not really into fashion and just wears what he likes but that just goes to show that he has an organic sense of style.  

Gus wears a Hurley flat cap

This top is by Amoeba music but is in aid to help save the planet.  If you log on Amoeba.com you will discover in more detail about what the do and how they help save the world.  THINK GREEN.

Gus' red Van shoes

A picture of Laura (sister) and Gus.  

Let me just point out that, yes, Gus is 6ft something and Laura is also (like me) 5ft 1.5"- and I agree, that the two of them together- little and large- is a slightly bizarre sight.  Regardless, Gus gat styaaallee.

Gus wears:
Cap: Hurley
T-shirt: Amoeba
Trousers: couldn't tell me
Shoes: Vans

Laura wears: 
Top: Old Khaki
Shorts: Topshop
Shoes: Little shop in Kenya