SNOG Frozen Yoghurt

One word.  It's easy to remember because you cringe every time your mum says it- SNOG. 

It's a funny name for a fat-free-frozen-yoghurt shop.  The verb 'snog' just makes me think of teenagers passionately and indiscreetly full- on kissing.  In my mind, 'snogging' is not a well-practised experienced pleasant kiss, but more hard and clumsy.  But enough about what I think about the name of the most delicious treat ever! Let's get back to the yog!

So after our lovely dinner at Le Pain Quotidien, we strolled a few shops down the road and stopped off in SNOG.  This is the reason why we all ate salads for mains.  Here is the low-down on what we had: 

Top left was Eva's: Chocolate frozen yoghurt with brownie pieces and white chocolate stars.

Top right was Phil's: Natural frozen yoghurt with dark chocolate drops and health mix (seeds and raisons)

Closest one was mine and Laura's to share: Natural frozen yoghurt with a small bit of chocolate frozen yoghurt, topped with blackberries and rasberries.

A closer look of Phil's. 

A closer look at Laura and mine.

A closer look at Eva's.

Frozen yoghurt is far superior to ice cream for two reasons: It tastes better and it is better for you. 

The frozen yoghurt is literally that: frozen fat-free yoghurt, sweetened with Algarve Nectar (a natural unrefined syrup). Below is the nutritional values of the Snog yoghurt. 

After we finished our 'Snogs' we sat and did what girls do best- chatted!  Below is a picture of Eva and Phil from the night:-  And what a wonderful night it was....