Stella Magazine

I do not know much about this magazine apart from the positive hype that surrounds it on the blog-a-sphere and from what it tells me on its quirky website.  It tells me that "Stella is a biannual magazine that features women who are interesting because of what they do and think rather than how they look or how big a wardrobe they’ve got. Stella was born out of the will to put personality before glamour."

What I do know is that I like what it stands for.  It claims to be focused on the inner not the outer.  Moreover, I can't help but swoon over the art direction of the mag. I like its design.  It inspires me. For me, the layout is modern; it speaks to the organised and 'clean' design.  The photography however is nostalgic- vintage in its washed out hues.  I want to buy it now. 

Check out some of the other pages of previous issues of the mag on their website. I think you will agree that this would be a magazine to keep on the shelf and have a flick through on a rainy day. 

Pretty!- Don't ya agree?  Buy Stella online here.